the past couple of days i've had some big assignments due (the semester ends in 4 weeks, yikes!) and that's left me in one of those sleep deprived productive states. my aunt recently sent me a mass amount of yarn! so i decided to tackle the world of crochet last night. i was totally inspired by my good friend reagan (her super cute blog is hellonovember, check it out!). she recently crocheted a pillow that i fell in love with. so with the help of youtube (i searched "how to crochet granny squares for beginners" and found this video), i spent the next few hours finishing exactly one square. i made the yellow on on a size k hook, and then tried the green one on a size i. the green one went a little faster. i'm not exactly sure what i want to do with this new skill, but i'm mulling a few ideas over so we'll see! i've tried to use the internet to teach myself to crochet before, but i could never figure out how
to join a round. i realized last night that i had just glossed over multiple youtube videos, and it turns out they actually helped. i'm a little nervous that i may end up liking the quickness of crochet and that this may putting knitting projects in the background for a bit. i won't become a full convert, though, so no worries. :)



i'm taking four lit classes this semester, and it has me pretty busy! there isn't much time for idle internet use :(
somehow i've found a bit of downtime here and there to knit. i made these in the past few months:

skinny pink seed-stitch

eternity scarf for my sister

and a silly jig



just wanted to post a few snapshots from my hike yesterday. :)

setting out:

the water trail has a windmill powered pump that feeds into a goldfish well:

it may be hard to see in this picture, but that's looking down from about 1/2way up one of the inclines. the trail is about 85' in elevation:

we set out around sunset:



hello, friends in the world of the internets. what are your sunday plans? i'm going out to my favorite local hiking spot early this evening. i can't wait! maybe i'll bring my camera along so i can share the beauty of it with everyone.

yesterday was oscar's birthday, so i can finally post the gift that i'm working on for him and the cupcakes i made. i haven't finished the gift, as it was hard to work on it in secret and i was slow at getting supplies. it isn't finished, but my first stage of progress isn't too shabby. i'm making him a little miniature scrapbook out of playing cards. :)
here are the cupcakes i made. oscar's favorite cake is pineapple-upside-down, so i thought i'd try them out in cupcake form. i couldn't find them the way i wanted them online, and now i realize there may have been a reason for that. they didn't turn out as well as i would have liked, but they were pretty good AND they were gluten-free! i have faith that i may be able to perfect this recipe some day. if i do, i'll post it, but as it stands right now i'd be a little embarrassed to share and have all your cupcakes come out as iffy as mine did.

and here's a picture i couldn't resist sharing of my dog, jig. i think she's absolutely adorable.

i hope everyone's weekend wraps up well!



i've had a lot going on lately and it's made it hard for me to keep up with crafting and blogging. this time i'm back for reals. i've been working on knitting and crafting things to stock up on for when i'm ready to reopen my etsy store. but i really want to take it more seriously, and this blog too. that being said, i plan on reworking the layout, posting more, being more active. i would absolutely love to rename my blog and etsy shop to the same thing, but i'm having a humongous problem choosing one. this should be so easy, but i can't stop being picky. my brainstorming isn't working well, either because i can't think of a single word that even comes close to describing myself. isn't it funny/frustrating how things seem to just float right out of your mind the minute that you need to recall them? does anyone have any key things that you think "sam" when you see/hear them?

i also broke my phone yesterday and turned on an old one. here are some pictures i came across on my sd card:

coloring page

Reginald the Scuba Diver

getting along :)

reggie, prior to his shave



the rest of my flea market finds for today.
some neat old books, and a key hook that i'm using for my jewelry.


(i am super frustrated with blogger and its image uploader at the moment.)
i got these at the flea market today, cleaned them up, and hung them on my wall :)



i climbed this wall recently. that isn't me, but i did make it all the way to the top! it's as tall as a 2-story building and it was so much fun to climb. i've been wanting to find a rock climbing gym, and ever since i told my mom about this and showed her the pictures, she's been really excited to find one, too! ever since i found out that i've got celiac disease, i've not only lost weight but i've also regained my love for the outdoors and for being active. hiking/climbing is one of my very favorite activities and i can't wait to get out there and do more. (photo courtesy of tara eskridge's fb page)



so i guess i am, in fact, giving up on the photo challenge. sorry to disappoint all the 2 followers i have! i can't promise posts daily, but i sure am going to make a bigger effort to post on here. i have lots i'd love to share with the world of the internets and i just need to take the time to actually get it done. in the future expect to see diy's, repurposings, composting tips, etc, etc. but for tonight, i leave you with this gem:

reggie had a flea bath and his first haircut. goodbye, beautiful, beautiful hair. hello, bald spot in the back where the clipper guide fell off. :)



k, clearly not doing this daily anymore. but not giving up, either!

day sixteen:

a picture of someone who inspires you

i find inspiration in a ton of different people and things. i try to always find the positive in everything. not always the easiest, but sometimes it's possible. anyways, it's in the positivity that i find inspiration. and even though i could post photos of so many inspirational things and people, i've decided to post one of my friend, reagan. good person, good friend, positive thinker, etc,etc. and also has a great creative taste that i love. :)


day fifteen:
a picture of something you want to do before you die.

how amazing would it be to ride in a hot air balloon, yeah?
i recently kicked my fear of heights, and i've always thought
that a hot air balloon ride would be so great. :)
hopefully someday!


oh wow. well, i was doing well at posting every day! time to catch up on the challenge.

day fourteen:
a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

my family. i'm the baby in this picture.. it's so old bc it was really hard to find a picture of all us today since i'm at work and not near my huge box of pictures and my cool new scanner oscar got me. also, it was a little hard bc my family doesn't really ever take group photos... even in this one my dad is missing, hence the follow-up photo. :)



day thirteen:
a picture of your favorite band or artist

i, like most people, love a lot of different types of music and different bands/artists. my absolute favorite, though, is hands down the beatles.
maybe not the most original choice, but ever since i was little i've really loved these guys. :)


day twelve:
a picture of something you love

books. reading is one of my favorite things. i really love my kindle, but it's also nice just having books around. i've seen some really amazing pictures of bookshelves, and i can't wait until i have time to focus on my smallish collection and see what i can come up with. :)

whoops, had to catch up on the last couple of days. after work friday i met some friends for dinner and almost immediately fell asleep on the couch when i got home (around 9ish?). today i was up at 530am to go with my sister to enchanted rock. such a great day, but i'm really exhausted now. maybe a little bit delirious. :)



day eleven:
a picture of something you hate

ohh man, i can't stand tapping pencils, fingers, feet.. anything. i can't say that i never tap, though, so i think i might be getting a little bit better at tolerating it. but tapping can drive me nuts. especially if i'm stressed out.



day ten:
a picture of the person you do the most "messed up" things with.

i'm not really sure what the question means by "messed up," but my old roommate is probably a very good candidate for this post.


taking a small break from my photo challenge to post a little project i'm in the middle of.

the wall behind that chair used to be an awful shade of pink. now that it's looking that great, i had to do something to those old chairs. i guess this picture doesn't do the 'before' shot justice, since you can't see all the little snags from my cat. anyways, this matches our glass-top dining table and i really do like the chairs, i just wanted something new and fun.

so here's what i did. i got that purple fabric from goodwill. it was 99cents f
or a great big thing of it. (definitely enough for four dining chairs) the first chair i did without removing any of the old fabric. i just stapled the purple on top, but then when i tried to put the cushion back on, it sat too high and the screws were too short. so i started over. i realized that if i just took off that extra ridge/edge deal on the bottom of the cushion, i could put the purple on without taking off ALL of the old fabric, and the screws still reach! now that i kind of know what i'm doing, it won't take an entire day to do the other three chairs. i love that this project is so easy, quick, and not at all pricey!



day nine:
a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

i know, i know. how lame, right? let me explain. i'm not the biggest talker when it comes to my own feelings or problems. (really good at talking to people when they're down, though) i'm more of a huge self-reflector. the best remedy for me is a good workout and then a good cuddle with jig or one of my cats, whichever is most willing at the time. :)



day eight:
a picture that makes you laugh.

my nephew on his first birthday. he doesn't eat much sugar, and after a good sized piece of carrot cake, he was more than ready for bed. haha



day seven:
a picture of your most treasured item.

again, what a hard choice to make! i guess i cheated again bc i didn't narrow it down to one. just a few of my favorite things.. and i would have put my sewing machine in this, but i painted that room today and it's a mess in there. anyways, here they are:

[the camera my grandpa gave me before he passed away, my cool wind-up alarm clock (also from my grandparent's house), knitting needles, and two of my favorite books. (cat's cradle, and breakfast at tiffany's)]

it's spring break, and i spent today repainting my apartment. no more ugly pink wall!! when i'm finished i'll try to post a few pictures. :)



day six:
a picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

ok, so clearly not a picture of a real person, but i would love to trade places with a photographer for a day. hands down, one of my favorite hobbies. it used to be my major before i moved back to san antonio... the department here was terrible, but maybe i should have stuck with it anyways. i do hope to minor in it later on, though. i just don't have much time for it anymore, and to be honest, the fun part is working in the dark room and i don't have the resources for that. i would love to trade places with someone who gets to do this all day.


(oops, a day late. i spent yesterday in austin with friends :) )
day five:
a picture of your favorite memory.

this one's clearly hard to pick just one. all of my memories with good friends are my favorites. for the sake of the photo challenge, here are just a few snapshots that remind me of favorite things.

a beach in north carolina. this is one of the times i went to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. that kid is the absolute greatest! and what a pretty beach, too.

that's me in middle school with a couple of friends at summer camp. camp is one of my favorite places. i go back as staff every summer now and i love getting to work with such great kids in such a great atmosphere. :)

i could post a million more photos of friends (from all over), but my laptop broke, and with it went a lot of pictures. i also somehow don't have pictures with certain friends, and if i had posted pictures of all of my favorite times with them, this post would never end. i'll wrap up with one last photo. oscar and i went to the beach a few times last summer; this is the sky on one of those days. :)



day four:
a picture of a habit you wish you didn't have.

oh man. WHAT an annoying habit! so my grandmother was an english teacher. as were some of my aunts, and my mom has always been a huge stickler for grammar. as a result, I can't help but notice typos, grammatical mistakes, misspellings, etc. it drives me crazy and i know it bothers other people too, but that's not the only reason i'm really starting to hate this habit. i realized that at times i would discredit a source just bc of its mistakes. that's just ridiculous. no one has perfect grammar all the time. plus, just because someone isn't really a great communicator, that doesn't mean they can't still have brilliant ideas or something interesting to say. can't miss out on society just bc they can't always spell. :)



day three:
a picture of the cast from your favorite show.

when i was reallyy young i would sneak and watch this show all the time. when it finally ended, i was in middle school. i taped the finale and all the reunion specials on my vcr. it's pretty corny, but i spent a good amount of my childhood watching it and i have most of the seasons on dvd now. one of my favorite shows for nostalgia's sake! :)

i lovelovelove detective stories! nancy drew was my absolute favorite (i even joined her "detective club") and veronica mars is sort of like a modern day version of that. she's a high school girl doubling as a detective trying to solve her best friend's murder. i'm not sure why amanda seyfried wasn't in any of the cast photos i found!

90210 -
veronica mars -