hello, friends in the world of the internets. what are your sunday plans? i'm going out to my favorite local hiking spot early this evening. i can't wait! maybe i'll bring my camera along so i can share the beauty of it with everyone.

yesterday was oscar's birthday, so i can finally post the gift that i'm working on for him and the cupcakes i made. i haven't finished the gift, as it was hard to work on it in secret and i was slow at getting supplies. it isn't finished, but my first stage of progress isn't too shabby. i'm making him a little miniature scrapbook out of playing cards. :)
here are the cupcakes i made. oscar's favorite cake is pineapple-upside-down, so i thought i'd try them out in cupcake form. i couldn't find them the way i wanted them online, and now i realize there may have been a reason for that. they didn't turn out as well as i would have liked, but they were pretty good AND they were gluten-free! i have faith that i may be able to perfect this recipe some day. if i do, i'll post it, but as it stands right now i'd be a little embarrassed to share and have all your cupcakes come out as iffy as mine did.

and here's a picture i couldn't resist sharing of my dog, jig. i think she's absolutely adorable.

i hope everyone's weekend wraps up well!


  1. jig is so pretty! and those cupcakes look amazing. hope oscar had an amazing birthday ;)

  2. thanks! :) it was a nice, relaxing, but fun weekend. just what we need each weekend after our crazy and opposite work schedules.