i've had a lot going on lately and it's made it hard for me to keep up with crafting and blogging. this time i'm back for reals. i've been working on knitting and crafting things to stock up on for when i'm ready to reopen my etsy store. but i really want to take it more seriously, and this blog too. that being said, i plan on reworking the layout, posting more, being more active. i would absolutely love to rename my blog and etsy shop to the same thing, but i'm having a humongous problem choosing one. this should be so easy, but i can't stop being picky. my brainstorming isn't working well, either because i can't think of a single word that even comes close to describing myself. isn't it funny/frustrating how things seem to just float right out of your mind the minute that you need to recall them? does anyone have any key things that you think "sam" when you see/hear them?

i also broke my phone yesterday and turned on an old one. here are some pictures i came across on my sd card:

coloring page

Reginald the Scuba Diver

getting along :)

reggie, prior to his shave


  1. yay! i'm excited to hear about your etsy shop plans. :) & i'm no expert on blog design by any means but i there's anyway i can help i would be glad to. my only suggestions about blog/etsy shop names would be maybe something with pet names. (not nicknames or anything but something having to do with "Jig" or something? idk. "the knitting jig"? haha idk, i'm terrible at this hah.

  2. haha i'm bad at it too. jig does have a cute name, though. i'm sure i could find something to match it with :) thanks, friend!