hello, friends in the world of the internets. what are your sunday plans? i'm going out to my favorite local hiking spot early this evening. i can't wait! maybe i'll bring my camera along so i can share the beauty of it with everyone.

yesterday was oscar's birthday, so i can finally post the gift that i'm working on for him and the cupcakes i made. i haven't finished the gift, as it was hard to work on it in secret and i was slow at getting supplies. it isn't finished, but my first stage of progress isn't too shabby. i'm making him a little miniature scrapbook out of playing cards. :)
here are the cupcakes i made. oscar's favorite cake is pineapple-upside-down, so i thought i'd try them out in cupcake form. i couldn't find them the way i wanted them online, and now i realize there may have been a reason for that. they didn't turn out as well as i would have liked, but they were pretty good AND they were gluten-free! i have faith that i may be able to perfect this recipe some day. if i do, i'll post it, but as it stands right now i'd be a little embarrassed to share and have all your cupcakes come out as iffy as mine did.

and here's a picture i couldn't resist sharing of my dog, jig. i think she's absolutely adorable.

i hope everyone's weekend wraps up well!



i've had a lot going on lately and it's made it hard for me to keep up with crafting and blogging. this time i'm back for reals. i've been working on knitting and crafting things to stock up on for when i'm ready to reopen my etsy store. but i really want to take it more seriously, and this blog too. that being said, i plan on reworking the layout, posting more, being more active. i would absolutely love to rename my blog and etsy shop to the same thing, but i'm having a humongous problem choosing one. this should be so easy, but i can't stop being picky. my brainstorming isn't working well, either because i can't think of a single word that even comes close to describing myself. isn't it funny/frustrating how things seem to just float right out of your mind the minute that you need to recall them? does anyone have any key things that you think "sam" when you see/hear them?

i also broke my phone yesterday and turned on an old one. here are some pictures i came across on my sd card:

coloring page

Reginald the Scuba Diver

getting along :)

reggie, prior to his shave



the rest of my flea market finds for today.
some neat old books, and a key hook that i'm using for my jewelry.


(i am super frustrated with blogger and its image uploader at the moment.)
i got these at the flea market today, cleaned them up, and hung them on my wall :)



i climbed this wall recently. that isn't me, but i did make it all the way to the top! it's as tall as a 2-story building and it was so much fun to climb. i've been wanting to find a rock climbing gym, and ever since i told my mom about this and showed her the pictures, she's been really excited to find one, too! ever since i found out that i've got celiac disease, i've not only lost weight but i've also regained my love for the outdoors and for being active. hiking/climbing is one of my very favorite activities and i can't wait to get out there and do more. (photo courtesy of tara eskridge's fb page)



so i guess i am, in fact, giving up on the photo challenge. sorry to disappoint all the 2 followers i have! i can't promise posts daily, but i sure am going to make a bigger effort to post on here. i have lots i'd love to share with the world of the internets and i just need to take the time to actually get it done. in the future expect to see diy's, repurposings, composting tips, etc, etc. but for tonight, i leave you with this gem:

reggie had a flea bath and his first haircut. goodbye, beautiful, beautiful hair. hello, bald spot in the back where the clipper guide fell off. :)