taking a small break from my photo challenge to post a little project i'm in the middle of.

the wall behind that chair used to be an awful shade of pink. now that it's looking that great, i had to do something to those old chairs. i guess this picture doesn't do the 'before' shot justice, since you can't see all the little snags from my cat. anyways, this matches our glass-top dining table and i really do like the chairs, i just wanted something new and fun.

so here's what i did. i got that purple fabric from goodwill. it was 99cents f
or a great big thing of it. (definitely enough for four dining chairs) the first chair i did without removing any of the old fabric. i just stapled the purple on top, but then when i tried to put the cushion back on, it sat too high and the screws were too short. so i started over. i realized that if i just took off that extra ridge/edge deal on the bottom of the cushion, i could put the purple on without taking off ALL of the old fabric, and the screws still reach! now that i kind of know what i'm doing, it won't take an entire day to do the other three chairs. i love that this project is so easy, quick, and not at all pricey!

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