the past couple of days i've had some big assignments due (the semester ends in 4 weeks, yikes!) and that's left me in one of those sleep deprived productive states. my aunt recently sent me a mass amount of yarn! so i decided to tackle the world of crochet last night. i was totally inspired by my good friend reagan (her super cute blog is hellonovember, check it out!). she recently crocheted a pillow that i fell in love with. so with the help of youtube (i searched "how to crochet granny squares for beginners" and found this video), i spent the next few hours finishing exactly one square. i made the yellow on on a size k hook, and then tried the green one on a size i. the green one went a little faster. i'm not exactly sure what i want to do with this new skill, but i'm mulling a few ideas over so we'll see! i've tried to use the internet to teach myself to crochet before, but i could never figure out how
to join a round. i realized last night that i had just glossed over multiple youtube videos, and it turns out they actually helped. i'm a little nervous that i may end up liking the quickness of crochet and that this may putting knitting projects in the background for a bit. i won't become a full convert, though, so no worries. :)

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