(oops, a day late. i spent yesterday in austin with friends :) )
day five:
a picture of your favorite memory.

this one's clearly hard to pick just one. all of my memories with good friends are my favorites. for the sake of the photo challenge, here are just a few snapshots that remind me of favorite things.

a beach in north carolina. this is one of the times i went to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. that kid is the absolute greatest! and what a pretty beach, too.

that's me in middle school with a couple of friends at summer camp. camp is one of my favorite places. i go back as staff every summer now and i love getting to work with such great kids in such a great atmosphere. :)

i could post a million more photos of friends (from all over), but my laptop broke, and with it went a lot of pictures. i also somehow don't have pictures with certain friends, and if i had posted pictures of all of my favorite times with them, this post would never end. i'll wrap up with one last photo. oscar and i went to the beach a few times last summer; this is the sky on one of those days. :)

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