i've been little miss handyman around the house lately! i put a new shelf up in the bathroom, along with sewing up a couple of couch pillows (in progress), making a new key hook, and fixing up a coffee table from my sister. i got the table fixed, but i guess when i stained it i didn't take off enough excess. take two will be next week. tomorrow we're having a small cook out for my birthday and i'm really looking forward to a relaxing day with friends!

here's that key hook-

the tin is from the 1800's, it was in my grandparents' house for years and i snagged it out of the back of my dad's truck on its way to goodwill. gorilla glue is holding the hooks in place (my drill bit was slightly too large), but that also means it's nice and sturdy! not your conventional every day key holder, but it goes really well in my kitchen and overall in my apartment full of used but redone pieces. just goes to show that you can have a nice home without spending tons of money, and the projects are a really nice hobby for me as well.
i also recently discovered netflix, and let me just take this moment to state how wonderful i think this invention is! why in the world am i just now getting on board with this? the only drawback is that my queue is full of weird movies for my humanities course. but once those are done with, interesting things here i come! plus, the watch instantly feature is blowing me away daily.


  1. what a good idea. i've been wanting to craft my own key hook but i didn't know where to begin. this is too cute :)

  2. thanks :) it was super easy too!