have i posted since the new year? ... happy (belated) new year! and happy mlk jr day(also belated)!

today my first full-internet semester begins. lots and lots to read, which makes me happy, but at the same time i'm already feeling a bit of the stress. i've taken less than a handful of internet courses, none of which were really given much attention as my grades in those courses reflect. but! this should be my very last semester before finally having my AA in english. where to go from there is still being mulled over in my brain and probably will be until the very last possible minute. i'm crossing my fingers that i'll stay motivated enough to tackle 5 classes this time around. american lit 2, british lit 2, american minority studies, walking I, and speech. really nervous about speech, since most of the speeches i've ever given have not ended in my favor... unless it was because the teacher or professor felt sorry for me. . like the times i cried, but at least crying isn't as embarrassing as vomiting, right? ... this is why i've put my speech class off for such a long time.

this morning i also got my own very-first-flat-tire! surprisingly, it wasn't the fiasco i always imagined. it happened pulling out of my carport and was so subtle that i only noticed a block down the street. sometimes on the highway i imagine getting a flat while driving between two 18-wheelers, or in some other precarious situation. not in a morbid way, but in the "i'm-only-thinking-about-this-so-if-it-ever-happens-i'll-be-prepared" sort of way. the good kind of neurotic :-)

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