i'm going to be doing this "30 day photo challenge" thing from facebook for the next month on here.

day one:
post a picture of yourself with 15 facts (i'm assuming about myself).
1. my name is sam.
2. i'm a student.
3. i knit.
4. i read.
5. i love photography.
6. i absolutely love crafting/diy projects/using tools/refurbing furniture, etc.
7. i have celiac disease.
8. i love yoga.
9. i really wish i could draw well.
10. i love to love.
11. punk music makes me happy. (so do other types, but punk never fails.)
12. sometimes i'm not sure how to handle stress.
13. i like tattoos.
14. i'm learning to be more self-aware.
15. i'm always down for some good, old-fashioned activism.


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