what a busy month! we are finally moving in ten days and i couldn't be more glad. :-)

coincidence of the week:
a few years ago, when a friend moved to a new apartment, i went to visit her and see her new home. on the way up, i decided to stop in at a thrift store and see what funny house warming present i could find. i showed up at her apartment with a statue, about 1.5ft high, of a creepy french boy dressed all in blue. we promptly named him pierre and he became the focal point of many, many pranks. .

today, while i was wasting time on craigslist, i found this :
apparently, back in the 1770's, pierre went by the alias "blue boy," and spent an awful lot of his time with this lovely lady, "pinkie." even though they were done by separate artists, these two usually come in a set, which means i have a new objective in life.

the day i come across pinkie's statue and secure a mate for him will be one of the prouder days of my life. i can't wait.


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